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A Simple Guide to Cleaning Your Treadmill Belt

Posted by Ultra Fitness Equipment on 10th Feb 2017

A treadmill can be an expensive investment in your fitness routine, one that will last for years if properly maintained. While it’s important to locate your treadmill on a mat and follow the manufacturers maintenance schedule for the mechanical and electrical parts, owners often forget to clean the treadmill belt. This can lead to a shorter life for your machine, or a costly replacement for your wallet. Add a weekly belt cleaning routine to your workout, and you will get a higher return on your investment.

Cleaning The Top Surface

Step 1

Unplug the unit from the electrical source before you begin.

Step 2

Remove any accumulated dust from the belt, using an anti-static duster. Remember to dust any accessible areas around and beneath the belt to avoid dust buildup.

Step 3

Wipe down the belt, using a slightly dampened cloth and taking care not to drip any water onto the belt. Rotate the belt by hand to reach the entire tread surface.

Step 4

Dry the treadmill belt with a paper towel, again moving the belt to insure all areas are dry.

A very important step that is overlooked by many is the cleaning of the underside of the treadmill belt. The easiest and best way to clean would be as follows:

Step 1

Get a clean dry rag (a towel or old t-shirt seem to work best) and slide it under the belt from one side to the other.

Step 2

Holding both sides of the rag slowly move the rag from the top to the bottom of the treadmill. Then repeat and pull the rag from right to left helping to remove any excess wax build up or dirt from the running deck surface while cleaning the underside of the belt as well

Step 3

Rotate the belt manually 180 degrees and repeat Step 2

Cleaning your deck and belt on a regular basis will extend the life of your belt with the added use of Ultra-Wax™ or any manufacturers recommended lubrication. Ultra-Wax™ is a proprietary lubricant of Ultra Fitness Equipment. Our team of chemists along with fitness experts formulated our patented anti-static and dust repellant formula especially for use on all treadmills. For more Ultra Wax™ information please visit or Call 877-288-0285 M-F 9:00am-10:00pm EST