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Get Paid $37 Everytime an Insurance or Attorney Requests your Member's Information

Posted by Ultra Fund, Inc. Portfolio on 17th Mar 2017

How to Make up to an extra $1000 a month as a Health Club Owner or Similar Business.

HOW?  If you get requests for your member's information from an insurance company or attorney, they usually demand it and will only reimburse you a mere $0.50 a page.  You can provide us with the information and we will pay you $37.00 for each claim and then provide the information to the attorney/insurance company.

Health club owners are always looking for ways to make more money. As a gym owner, you spend a lot of money and time trying to sign up new members. Whenever you sign up a new member, they are required to fill out a lot of paperwork. Furthermore, it takes time and effort to set your new member up for automatic withdrawals with the bank.

Unfortunately, some members may not be able to continue their gym membership if they get injured. This is particularly true with vehicle crashes as well as workplace accidents. When it comes to car accidents and workplace injuries, lawyers often have to get involved in order to settle the claim. Therefore, they will contact you to get information about the injured member, including all their paperwork. You, as the gym owner, unfortunately, do not reap any benefits if a member becomes injured at work or on the road. Not only do you lose revenue through not being able to bill that member anymore but you also have to put time and energy into getting all the member's paperwork together for the lawyers.

Did you know that it is possible for you to make $37 each time you get a request from a lawyer for the member's paperwork? It is perfectly legal for you to get paid for providing this type of information to lawyers who make big money off your members' misfortunes. Relative to what the lawyers will make off your member's case, $37 is nothing in comparison and it will allow you to recoup some of the costs associated with providing that information. Therefore, it's only fair that you get some compensation for the hassle.  However, they try to fall behind a law that allows you to only charge them $0.50 fifty cents a page.  Meanwhile they may be suing for a multi-million dollar case AND the information you provide is vital to their case.

When you use us as your record keepers, we will keep your members' information safe and secure and only get it from you once the lawyer's office has made the payment. Not only that, but we will also collect a payment from the authorized person, who request the information on your behalf. As soon as we receive the payment, we will forward $37.00 of it to you. Best of all, it will cost you absolutely nothing to sign up for our service.

Every time that the lawyers request information about an injured member, you are losing money and time. If, every month, you had 30 requests of that nature, you would make an extra $1110 per month for something that you already do anyways. Even if you only get ten requests like this per month, you will be able to put an extra $370 in your pocket. It's a very easy way to for you to recoup some of the losses associated with losing a gym member to injuries.

As we all know, running a health club is a challenging way to make a living because gyms lose members all the time for various reasons. Our goal is to help make health club owners' lives easier and to minimize the effect of member attrition due to injuries.

Contact Neil @ 877-288-0285 for a FREE package containing:

- Pre-paid envelopes to mail us the attorney/insurance letter along with your member's information.  We will specify the information you need to send for your member.

- Upon our receipt of this information, you will receive a check within 7-14 business days for $37.00 per request.  Sometimes it may take longer if the attorney or insurance company does not pay right away but typically with our service they do immediately.