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Life Fitness 91T Treadmill Belt, Serial # starting with ATZ

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11.00 LBS
$8.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Ultra Fitness Equipment has been manufacturing 2-ply commercial grade belts for over 15 years.  All our belts are made in the U.S.A.  Most of our staff are veterans that have served this country.

As a matter of fact, through collaboration and key partnerships we are able to now bring our product direct to consumer in commercial, institutional and even your home!

The bottom line:  You are purchasing a belt that is better then what you would receive from the manufacturer of your treadmill for a fraction of the price.  How is this possible?  We produce thousands of the same size belts at a time.  We take the risk of stocking these high-quality belts in hopes of referrals and your return business.  Why spend close to $500 when you can pay $80.  Plus, we ship internationally.

What makes our belt so special is its patented fabric that minimizes noise and amp draw, while providing a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing belt that is virtually maintenance free.

With less amp draw that means less pulling on your motor while still maintaining the standard 2-ply commercial grade standard.  This will result in either no or less maintenance on highly used units.

We have hired scientists to develop all our knowledge in this business to bring you the most comprehensive treadmill belt and wax that is the absolute best solution for our customers.

Additionally, if you buy one or thousands of belts, we are here for you.  You are always welcome to message us our internal message system or for immediate assistance just hit the chat button or give us a call.


91T  Treadmill Belt Serial # starting with ATZ