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Life Fitness 95Ti

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13.00 LBS
$11.98 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Ultra has manufactured treadmill belts for 12 years.  Our belts are equal to those you would receive directly from the manufacturer itself.  In some cases, our belts test better in scientific studies.  Our belts are ONLY commercial grade in quality.  We find that to keep your belt, deck and treadmill lasting longer that a dry belt is the best way to go.  Our belts are dry belts and prior to installation require lubrication.  For each belt you buy, we supply you with a four ounce bottle of anti-static, anti-dust and color changing spray lubrication.  All belts come with our IHRSA article (written by our corporate staff) of "How to Install a Treadmill Belt."   The most common question is how we can offer our belts at such a low price if we do not compromise quality.  The answer is simple.  We depend on repeat business and referrals.  And being multiple location fitness center location owners ourselves, we understand that spending unreasonable costs on treadmill belts is not fair. 




Please note:  For those purchasing this item by using points, we have a LIMITED quantity of this item.  Even in the event our system allows you to use your points, we may no longer have this product available.  In the event the product is no longer available, we will refund the points back to your account. 


Shipping costs are ALWAYS paid by the Buyer, even in the case of a point purchase.


With respect to points - We reserve the right to cancel an order in the event that your points were accumulated under discounted belt pricing.  If you received points on discounted pricing for merchandise -- we have to limit the use of points obtained under discounted purchases.




As of 12/19: There are 2 95Ti treadmill belts available for purchase by points.