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Buy better products, get better results. 

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Our goal is to build a better treadmill belt at an affordable price, and manufacture products that help your treadmill belt last even longer. 
We help treadmill owners of all types find more reliable products and helpful information to keep their treadmill running even longer so that they can get maximum benefit from their investment.  

Ultra Wax

Try the world's BEST treadmill lubricant

Next time you service your treadmill, try Ultra Wax. We guarantee it will keep your treadmill cleaner than traditional lubricants. 

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Ultra Fitness Equipment

Around the turn of the millennium we realized that people were being overcharged horribly for commercial treadmill belts. Through rigorous research and education we started the BEST treadmill belt and lubricant manufacturing process in the country. Lots of belt manufacturers cut corners, and several companies that sell belts online simply order them from China and get the cheapest product possible. This isn't providing you value - it's preying on you!
Ultra Fitness is different. All of our products are made and ship from the United States using the highest quality materials. Our belts are made to last, especially when paired with our Ultra Wax lubricant that keeps them clean and sliding smoothly. We continuously stress test our products and research ways to make them better, and we always value your feedback to find more ways to bring you the absolute best.
Not only that, we have partnered with Gym Masters to bring you industry-leading knowledge about the proper ways to install and service your belt. 
We're serious about bringing you the best products and information, give us a try today, you won't be disappointed!  

It's not just you

Everyone is paying too much


Does This Sound Like You?

Are you responsible for keeping treadmills working in a gym, hotel, or other commercial facility? 

  • Do you feel like... each day could be another expensive fiasco
  • Does it seem... like belts are too expensive and lubricants are too messy and unreliable?
  • Are you frustrated that... no matter how much you work, there will probably be another treadmill that needs fixed tomorrow?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...  wish you had more cost-effective commercial grade belts, and a clean lubricant that helps them last longer than any other lubricant?


Proven Outcomes

"The belts are every bit as good as walkingbelts.com and national gym supply, but for sometimes HALF the price. I use their belts on all the treadmills I work on."

- Michael, Fitness Machine Technicians

"I love how much Ultra Wax helps me keep rollers clean. No more scraping nasty filth off of them with each belt change, they're always polished and clean!"

-Brandon, Gym Masters

"I will never get belts or lubricant anywhere else. These guys really know their stuff!"

-Ben, YMCA

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