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Monday, April 29, 2024

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Ultra Wax 2.0

Our best formula yet, with more to love!

We are so incredibly pleased by the sheer number of gyms and independent fitness technicians that use Ultra Wax every day. Their feedback has been so inspiring that we were moved to upgrade our formula to keep your treadmill belt cleaner than ever!

First we increased the dust and dirt repellent properties. Since these contribute to the dryness and friction of a walking belt, it helps to repel as much dirt and dust as possible. Ultra Wax 2.0 now repels as much as double the dirt!

Second, we helped make your treadmill less likely to build up static electricity, resulting in a shock. Shocks can be annoying to the user, maybe even painful. Also, the circuit boards that make your treadmill work are extremely sensitive to electric shock. They can be completely disabled by a small shock from your walking belt. Because of this fact, we knew we had to include the best possible anti-static properties in the new formula. Apply ultra wax every three months to reduce your risk of electric shock by as much as 99%! 

Help keep your treadmill running longer than ever with Ultra Wax 2.0!

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